#smmcur | 5 tips for successful use of Facebook events
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5 tips for successful use of Facebook events

buzz and boost social eventsHow hard are you trying to fill up your event using Facebook?

When do you accept and how often do you reject? Creating a Facebook event is extremely popular, but it is not always done properly. Use this smart online marketing tool wisely and get the maximum result. Marijke will teach you how! She is not only expert in the use of Facebook, but also in organising events with Evento Curaçao. This combination makes her the perfect teacher how to use Facebook events.

What are the do’s and don’ts? During her workshop ‘how to buzz & boost your events on Facebook’ she shows companies the best way to deal with this tool. As a preview Marijke shares five tips.

1. Name Your Event Properly
The most obvious tip, but therefore not less important. In fact, I see many online events with an unclear name or too long. Be clear in what you organize, brand your event with an appropriate name and create the right expectations with your audience.

2. Use an Eye-catching Image
If you pretend to organize an “awesome” event that you “should not miss” and “absolutely attend”, give it the awesome eye-catching image it deserves! Because your header image is THE eye-catcher of your eventpage. Stand out and impress your audience. Make sure using the correct dimensions, because it’s a real shame and pretty clumsy if the (main) half isn’t showing.

3. Partner Up!
By working together with co-hosts you can reach a larger group. Collaborate tactically with companies and people (brand ambassadors and influencers) to target the audience you would like to reach. Team up, don’t try to do everything on your own. After all, together you can achieve much more!

4. Schedule Your Event On Time
“Oops, we have an event next week, lets create an event page on Facebook!” Recognizable? Too bad, missed opportunity. Use a Facebook event as a decent and well thought out communication tool in your marketing strategy. Don’t use it as a extra or as a final attempt to get more registrations, because you’re getting desperate when your event is not doing well.  Take it seriously and start on time!

5. Use Your Ad Budget Wisely
You can only spend your money once. Even if it’s “only ten bucks”, it’s a shame to waste it by not using is meaningful. Target the right audience with the right content and get the highest possible outcome.