#smmcur | 3 tips to control your audience
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3 tips to control your audience

Social Persuasion Mischa CosterHow to improve the results of your Social Media posts?

Immerse yourself in your target audience! Media Psychologist Mischa Coster is a consultant, researcher and public speaker in the field of media psychology and influencing behavior. As a sneak peek for his inspirational session, Mischa shares three tips for successful behavior influencing.

  1. Always determine what specific behaviour you would like to see from your target audience. Not awareness, not attitude but real behavior.
  1. Always hire a psychologist. He/she could turn out to be your brand new Chief Psychology Officer (https://medium.com/@mcoster/the-chief-psychology-officer-b458d6a751ba)
  1. Experiment. Determine multiple evidence-based and theory-inspired psychological strategies and experiment to see which one works best for your (online) audience