#smmcur | 3 tips how to work with a blogger
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3 tips how to work with a blogger

Bloggers for Business

My workshop ‘Bloggers for Business’ is all about how to work together with bloggers for brands and companies. What can a blogger mean for your business? As a brief preview I will share three key tips with you that I will be talking about.

  1. Embrace the bloggers’ authenticity
    You work with a blogger because he or she has a big audience that is interesting for your brand. This blogger makes unique content for his or her visitors and he or she knows exactly how to do this. If you want to work with a blogger, it is really important to let the blogger make his or her own content. Make a briefing, but don’t say “here is the text and the image, post this please”. That simply won’t work. 
  1. Choose a blogger that fits
    If you want to work with a blogger, you don’t necessarily pick the biggest blogger! You pick the blogger that has the right audience for your product or brand. If you work with a blogger with 1.000.000 followers but these don’t match your brand or product, it won’t have the desired impact. But: if you work with a blogger with 1.000 followers who are exactly your target audience, impact will be higher.
  2. Be clear
    It is very important to be clear in your expectations. If you are doing a paid collaboration, make a clear briefing. If you are doing a barter collaboration,  agree upon everything you are doing and everything the blogger is doing. In this way you will never get to any disagreement along the way.